3 Year Anniversary in Studio 21 at Hardy & Nance Studios

Hard to believe, but 3 years ago today, I moved into studio 21 at Hardy & Nance Studios.

I'd moved into studio 6 as the first artist in the residency program that August. Considering that Hurricane Harvey came through a couple of weeks later and flooded the building, one would think 2017 was the crazy year. 2020 said "hold my beer" on that for all of us.

I fell in love with Hardy & Nance Studios and the incredible energy and community when I first visited as a patron in November 2014. To think I'd be a part of the community less than 3 years later still blows my mind.

I especially always liked studio 21. Something about the setup, and closeness to the gallery, stuck with me. If you'd told me how soon I'd be the artist in it, I'd have laughed at you. It was a dream, but I could not have planned it.

 A big thank you to everyone along that way that have encouraged and supported my art journey. Here's to plenty more years in 21 and at H&N.

Brandi Untz and Rachel Goodman at Hardy & Nance studios
Brandi Untz standing inside studio 21 at Hardy & Nance studios

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