How Fast The World Changes

Hope's Recovery

How different life felt for many Americans just two weeks ago, huh? While I've been following the news about COVID-19 since January, this month, March, is when it changed day-to-day life in my area. How about you? I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. And aren't out of work.

My schedule is clear, as all upcoming shows and markets are canceled or postponed. Like many artists I know, there's a renewed focus on creation...and a scramble for sales, as most of us make our sales face-to-face.

If you're stuck at home staring at some empty wall space, and have the means to do so, consider buying some art, whether mine or another artist whose work speaks to you. Over on my Instagram page, I'm posting about artists I know and love. Check it out.

Otherwise, when my schedule comes back into focus, you'll find out about it here or in my newsletter (subscribe at the top). For now, I'm focused on some new creations and adding more of my current work to my online store.

Wishing you continued health.


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