The Story Behind...BLM

New work: BLM
As a white woman, I know I cannot fully comprehend the oppression African-Americans have suffered from the systemic racism that has existed in this country since before it was formed. I continue to work to open my eyes to my privilege and see the things I never did before.
As an artist, the deepest point of my work is to take the emotions I feel, the pain points and the hope, and express them so they touch others’ same points, as a way to bring us together in shared humanity.
There is so much we as Americans, white Americans, need to face about the history of our country. Education and understanding needs to happen on so many levels.
Art can be a way to educate, touch, and change society.
This piece started back in March, as a generic black & white abstract I thought I’d enter into a show. It languished as the pandemic hit and life shifted dramatically.
The horrific killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many black Americans, prompted me to open it back up and see if I could give it a point, a meaning.
Much love to everyone. May we step towards healing and changing our country so it lives up to its highest ideals for every person.

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