The Story Behind...Galilean Moons Commission

I recently finished a four piece commission of the Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede). The couple that commissioned the pieces are collectors, having commissioned a custom sized version of my piece, Jupiter. They had the wonderful idea of having the Galilean moons surround their Jupiter print. Below is a picture of the 48"x72" print in their home


Their idea aligned with my style, and the fact I've (slowly) been working on abstracts inspired by the solar system. Jupiter is the first in the series, so it was exciting to work on some of its moons. I would've eventually created Io and Europa as part of the series, but admit, I doubt I would've felt inspired by Callisto or Ganymede.

That's one of the best things about a commission. Even when they're right up your alley in style and personal interest, there will be something about it that requires "work"; something that's a challenge and will force you to stretch yourself artistically, be it technique, unusual color palette, or finding the art in a subject you might normally dismiss.

I only take commissions that allow me to use my style. Give me your large idea, or simply the colors you want in an abstract. I've even taken a couple of commissions that involve me putting my style to a photograph to create an art piece as a gift. I'm open to ideas that stretch me and can give someone a piece of art that feels personal and special. The idea doesn't have to be detailed. One of my favorites involved desired colors and total freedom.

As for the Galilean moons, each abstract was its own challenge...mostly what surface features could be recreated and look good as art. Getting the sense of texture to match each moon's surface also bumped up the challenge level. For all of them, I'd get halfway through a piece and realize it wasn't working. Layers of work would be deleted (after sleeping on the problem) and I'd start mostly anew. Then it all would click into place and turn out well.

I'm waiting on the metal prints to arrive and look forward to delivering them to my collectors. Can't wait to post a final picture of Jupiter and her moons together.

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