The Story Behind...Morning in America - November 4, 2020

Art showing a sunrise. Lots of sunrays busrting from behind clouds with the sun near the horizon.
Morning in America - November 4, 2020


I don't create political art. I explore light & darkness: literally and metaphorically.

The 2016 presidential election changed that for me, at least for one piece. I was angry, disappointed, and scared. I needed to process. I process best by creating art. Staying with my style, I created an abstract work, The 45th. Like all my abstracts, I want the viewer to interpret it and decide what it means to them.

abstract piece, orange and twisting snake like shape
The 45th


Four years later, it is time for another political piece. There aren't enough words for me to express the absolute mess 2020 as a year is. I thought the 2016 election was important for our country in deciding what direction it wanted to head. The 2020 election carries more weight on where this country is headed and who we are as American citizens. Who we choose to lead us (at all levels) says a lot.

For all the pain, grief, and crazy that is 2020, I see hope, beauty, and strength. From the continued dedication of healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic, to protestors demanding real progress against racial injustice. From the high voter turnout already happening across this country, to the tremendous kindness everyday people show to help neighbors and strangers who've lost jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. From teachers making remote learning happen, to businesses finding creative ways to serve customers and keep their employees in much needed jobs. So many are doing so much and showing strength and perseverance in big and small ways.

Morning in America - November 4, 2020 imagines dawn on the day after the election. New light and a new direction for our country. The title comes from Reagan's 1984 reelection campaign slogan. He was attempting to show how great the country was doing after his first four years in office.

My hope is you'll wake up on November 4th with some hope in your heart and positive energy. No matter how hard and dark the current times, there is always a better day ahead. The light at the end of the tunnel can be hard to see, but it's there and by pushing towards it, we can all get there.

No matter how you voted and how you feel about the results, I hope November 4th brings you a sense of purpose to do whatever is in your power to make this country a better place.

I explore light and darkness in my art; even the political pieces. In the end, 2016 didn't change that. Like all of life, politics contains both light and darkness. I'll keep exploring, regardless of subject matter.


P.S. - this post was written and scheduled to go visible before I knew the results (or who's leading) on Election Day. No matter those results, I look forward to a new day and new possibilities.

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