The Story Behind...Old Paint Layers

Old Paint Layers abstract painting


During the week of July 13-19, I participated in a "quick draw" event at Hardy & Nance Studios. If you follow me on social media, you would've seen me post some results. Patrons submitted an image and a randomly assigned artist would create custom art from it (sketch, small painting, digital manipulation, etc) for $25. The event was a lot of fun and inspired my new $20 Quick Draw offering.

One of the pieces I created for the event was an inspiration for Old Paint Layers. I used some different techniques than my standard array, and really liked the texture I achieved. Here's that image:


I wanted to keep exploring texture and getting a sense of concrete, crevices, and paint sitting on top of each other. I explored this similarly in Dark Days.

Using bright colors, I thought quite a bit about old walls and old paint. How paint builds up over time. If you ever go into old, abandoned buildings, you might see several layers peeking through. That had me thinking about the history of a building, a wall, and what untold stories might lie within those layers.

Old Paint Layers was a good emotional shift from Dark Days. The ongoing pandemic and other world events is still stressful and at times depressing. This piece was meant to bring some bright colors and a little happiness, while also hinting at hidden layers.

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