The Story Behind...Skyrim Butterflies

One of my favorite all time video games is Skyrim. If you've played the game, you know you'll see a bunch of butterflies as you walk around, especially near Whiterun. Skyrim is also full of flowers, many I didn't know were real when I initially played the game.

In my early art days of learning digital art (before I was trying to sell any of it), I worked with realism...I hadn't yet developed my personal style that is "Almost Real". I created a more realistic version of these butterflies as a bit of fun. The original piece was created in 2012.

While I don't offer my early realism works for sale (outside of a rare exception), I do like to look at the early work on occasion. It's good to see how far one has come as an artist. It can also be fun to re-visit an idea and see how you'd interpret it with a different style.

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