The Story Behind...Solace


As far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed solitary time in the woods. I remember being eight or nine and actively spending time wandering in the small, undeveloped woods near the apartments I lived in. I played on my own a lot as a young kid (my twin brother was more about staying inside), and remember finding peace, even at a tender age.

(sidenote: this was the 1970's, where kids were more commonly left to entertain themselves during the day. plus, mom worked a lot.).

This love of "nature bathing" continues and I make a conscious effort to get to state parks and out on local nature trails.

During this pandemic and upheaval times (2020 will be one for the record books), I've made a point to have each piece either touch on the stress/depression of the times or creating something uplifting, to bring positivity and hope. I want this year's works to focus on all the emotions we're experiencing.

Knowing I wanted a work to bring a sense of peace, I immediately thought of a deep forest, perhaps one no one visits. There's a quiet in deep forest, where only the sounds of birds and small animals break the silence. That brought me to making sure some cardinals could be seen flying threw the trees. Their chirping and singing is distinct, yet they're a relatively quiet bird. The butterflies and flowers were added to bring life and also balance out the color from all the greens and browns.

I hope the piece brings you some solace at the times you need it.

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